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Short Stories

Short stories in a variety of genres, done for writing challenges and other contests.

10 Lordes – Written for the 12 days 2o10 writing challenge, I revisited characters from a paranormal espionage novel-in-progress, The Agency

The Year King – A crazy little idea I had to explain life, the universe, and everything

The Great Chocolate Conspiracy, Pt. 11 – I got to take part in this riotously funny chain story, wherein chocolate biccies go missing, and the intrepid Detective Sam Adamson is on the job!

Forever –   A dark mini-story done as part of the ZombieLuv contest on twitter

Zombieluv Dialogues – a more humorous look at the home life of  Zombies

Peep-Pocalypse – More zombie fun, with an Easter twist

Dial 666-Blaspheme – the lighter side of Lucifer

I also had the pleasure and priveledge of taking part in BBC Audio’s first twitter crowd-sourced book, which was kicked off by Neil Gaiman. I had 25 lines chosen to be included. Read the story behind it here, and download the free audio book!


1. Sam Adamson - January 3, 2011

Briliant addition to your site! I look forward to checking out those of your other writings I’ve not had the opportunity to read before. 🙂

techtigger - January 4, 2011

thank you! I thought it was about time I got them all in one place, before I forgot where I stored them 😀

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