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Flash Fiction – Dial 666 Blaspheme March 31, 2011

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Nox and Grimm will be on hiatus for a couple weeks while I finish that e-book for ‘A Story for Japan’.  In the mean time, here’s a microfic inspired by a twitter conversation with @jimbronyaur    –   See Jim? I told you collect calls from the underworld were trouble 🙂


“Lucifer, you have to quit calling like this.”

“C’mon, grandma. You know I only get one call a millennia, don’t hang up.”

*sighs* “Fine, so long as you stop calling me your Grandmother.”

“You’re Holy Mary, mother of God, right? He created us, so that makes you Grandma.”

“You’re lucky I’m a good person. What do you want, Lucifer?”

“Do you think maybe you could have a word with Dad about the length of my prison term?  At least get him to post bail.”

“Based on what, your good behavior?  I’m sorry, but I can’t help you if you won’t help yourself.”

*grumbles* “Whatever. Can you at least get me some more minutes for my cell phone?”

“Now that I can do. Anything to get you to quit calling collect.”

“You’re a saint, Granny.”  *click* “Hello? Mary? You still there?”



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