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The Wanderer’s Tale – Part 4 September 28, 2012

Posted by techtigger in flash fiction.
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(grimm’s backstory continues…)

Six days without seeing the sky felt like a lifetime to Grey. The tunnels stretched on endlessly behind them, and day after day the Mountain kin melted away the rocks in front of them. The Wind tribes did their part as well, taking turns keeping the air fresh and silencing their movements.  Every so often Tairwyn would call a halt, assuring them it was night in the world above and they would all sit on the damp, chill ground and talk quietly over a dinner of dried meat and fruit.

Grey looked at the shriveled winter apple in his hands and sighed. “A week ago I would have given an arm for one of these.”

Tairwyn laughed and handed him a canteen of water. “A man can get tired of eating anything three times a day, every day. Still, we’re almost there.”

“Thank goodness,” Grey said. “Are you sure you don’t want to trade in those swords for some of our spears? You’re going to have to get awfully close to the wyverns to use them.”

“Bah, what’s the point of fighting the enemy if you can’t look ‘em in the eye?” Tairwyn said, flashing a broad grin from beneath his drooping mustachios. “Besides, if one of them tries to take a bite of me I’ll just turn to stone and break their teeth, and carve ‘em up nicely after!”  He drew his sword and made a few quick, smooth cuts in the air with it. “It’s a pretty thing, hey? You want to try it, laddie?”

Grey took the proffered hilt of the sword and gave it a few quick jabs. The metal felt strange in his hands, though the blade was so perfectly balanced that he barely felt the weight of it.

Tairwyn shook his head. “Nah, it’s not one of your pig-stickers. Why else do we trouble to sharpen the sides if not to use ‘em?”  He took the sword back and made a few cuts at a much slower speed. “You see? Now try that.”

Grey managed it, though with a lot less grace. He shook his head and handed it back with a rueful smile. “I think I’ll stick to what I know.”

“It never hurts to learn a new thing,” Tairwyn said, as he slid the blade back into its sheath. “Tell you what, if the wyverns don’t eat us I’ll make you a deal. You show me how to use those great bloody spears of yours, and I’ll teach you the way of the blade. Sound fair?”

“It’s a deal!” Grey said, and they shook hands on it.

The seventh day started as black as all the others, there in the deep caverns beneath the earth.  They were close enough now that they only lit one lantern, and moved slowly to avoid alerting their quarry. Grey should have been tired, he had barely slept, but the only thing he felt was anticipation. He had waited ten long years to avenge all those who had died. He gripped his spear and readied a volley of lethal air castings.

Tairwyn gave the signal, pointing up and motioning the Wind kindreds back.  The rest of the Mountain kin stood in a circle with their hands on the rock above.  Tairwyn counted out on his fingers – three…two…one…

The earth overhead groaned, twisted, and a circle of rock crashed down in their midst. The ruins of a nest were tangled in the rubble and the Mountain kin slashed down with their swords to destroy any eggs left unbroken. At the same time the Wind tribes roared up through the opening. Air castings shot out in all directions, smashing young wyverns and soft-scaled females into the walls.

The noise was deafening, shrieks of wind and wyverns melding together in an unholy chorus, punctuated by the breaking of bones and exploding rock as the Mountain kin joined the fray, hurling boulders up from below.  Grey shot upwards, drawing in air from above and sending it whirling round in a deadly cyclone, the force of it ripping more rock from the crater walls to smash into the panicked monsters.

A bellow of rage echoed out from a side cavern, and the biggest wyvern Grey had ever seen crawled out. For one moment its huge, dark eyes met his, then it lifted its head and wailed. The crater magnified the sound and it echoed out for miles…to be answered by distant shrieks.

“Oh no. That’s the queen!”  Grey spun around in the air and yelled down to Aurelius. “Father! She’s calling back the males!”

Aurelius was fighting off a pair of juveniles, whirling like a dervish to avoid their snapping jaws and the long, barbed stings in their tails. He yelled over his shoulder, “Buy us time!”

Grey knew exactly what to do.  He raced around the edge of the crater, stopping just long enough to scratch casting marks at regular intervals around the rim. He had done the same thing to seal tunnel entrances behind him, but he had never tried it on an opening this large before. There was no time to test his work, however. He could hear the enraged cries of the males getting closer.

Grey hovered in the middle of the crater, closed his eyes and summoned the Wind. The element filled his mind, flowed through him and out, touching each mark and picking up speed. The sound of it drowned out the noise of the raging battle below, and for a moment he hung suspended between heaven and earth, the crystalline sound shivering in the air around him, through him – and then he let it go.

The crater rung like a bell, and the air solidified overhead in an invisible dome.  An incredulous smile lit up Grey’s face. “I did it. I did it!”  He poured more energy into the barrier, and laughed as the male wyverns bounced off it and tumbled down the mountainside.  “Father, you were right!  The bowl of the crater works perfectly to magnify the casting!”

He could see his father yelling something back, but with the sound of the casting still ringing in his ears he couldn’t hear what he said. Grey looked up, and saw the male wyverns circling, their baleful eyes riveted on him. “Why did they stop?”

He looked back down to find his father, and saw a nightmare coming up at him instead. The queen had gotten airborne, and was heading straight for him…


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1. Mari Juniper - October 2, 2012

Wow, more! 😀

techtigger - October 4, 2012

more on the way tomorrow 🙂

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