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Flash Fiction – Retribution July 22, 2012

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The only way to sneak up on an Earth kindred is to never touch the ground.  Grimm flew in low over the mountain, taking advantage of every scrap of cover the broken terrain provided. An elemental casting shimmered around him, bending the air to refract the light and make him invisible.  Even with all these precautions though, there was still a chance they’d spot him. He had no doubt that his ex, Katya, was behind their attacks and she would surely have schooled them in fighting Air kin.

Grimm scowled in annoyance. It still rankled to think how easily he had been controlled by her. Never mind that her skin exuded an addictive toxin. He was a healer as wells as a Wind Knight – he should have known something was wrong.

The sound of voices nearby broke off his self-recriminations. He slowed down and floated silently from boulder to boulder, taking care to keep them between him and his quarry. He could smell a hint of smoke from the campfire he had spotted from overhead during his initial search. The Earth kin must have been feeling confident if they were willing to risk a fire out here in the open.

He risked a quick glance around the side of a boulder, and was rewarded with the sight of three stocky, brown-haired men in heavy chainmail gathered around the crackling flames. A few small animals had been skinned and spitted on a stick to roast. They dripped juices onto the coals, making a loud sizzle with each drop.

One of them poked at a rabbit with his knife, testing to see if it was cooked. “Dammit, what’s keeping Roland?  I told him not to go in there, but no, he just has to gloat.”

The second man was standing, leaning back against a tall finger of rock with his arms crossed over his broad chest. “Roald was his brother. Even if he and Roland didn’t always get along, that bastard Loki killed him. Can’t blame a man for wanting a little revenge.”

“His little bit of revenge has cost us a month of time, and for what? Roald was an idiot. He botched a job and died for it.”

The third man was hunkered down by the fire, turning the spit. “Richard’s got a point. Here we are doing all this work for no pay, just to cover a dead man’s debt to the Morning Lord. I don’t care if he was our cousin. We shouldn’t have to waste our time here.”

Richard jabbed his knife in the air to accentuate his words. “Damn right, Ryan. We should cut our losses and forget taking jobs from that fanatic. Him and his creepy woods-witch.”

From his hiding spot, Grimm’s hand slid to the hilt of his sword. They were working for Katya, all right, with the Morning Lord as her latest puppet. He held himself ready, waiting for the fourth and final member of their party to arrive.

He didn’t have to wait long. Roland stormed into the clearing and kicked dirt over the firepit. “Have you all gone mad?” he hissed.

Richard got up and shoved him. “Our first hot meal in a month and you wreck it? What is with you!”

Roland backhanded him hard enough to send him sprawling. “The House of Ice has an Air kin working for them, you idiot! Why don’t you just scream here we are and get it over with!”

Richard wiped the blood from his split lip and glared up at him. “We’d have been gone by now if you hadn’t insisted on toying with your kill. You had better have done the job.”

Roland smirked. “By the time my Earth casting wears off, Loki will wake up to find a lovely corpse beneath him.”

“You were supposed to kill him!”

“I want him to suffer!” Roland roared.

Grimm had heard enough. A quick check through the soul-bond with Nox told him that she was still alive. The best way to help her was to cut off their enchantments at the source. He drew his sword and his deep, rumbling voice echoed around the mountainside. “Harm the heirs to Ice and you seal your fate.”

He moved amongst them like a gale, swift, silent, invisible. Air castings picked them up and slammed them into the rocks, and then whirled them up twenty feet into the air before dropping them again.

Only Roland kept his head about him. As soon as he hit the ground he tossed up a ton of gritty soil into the air. It got caught in Grimm’s casting and filled the area. The only clear spot was where the knight hovered. “Get him!” Roland yelled.

Grimm changed his casting to a miniature tornado, just in time to catch all rocks the Earth kin flung at him. The rocks whirled around and got hurled back at a tremendous speed, flattening three of them.

Roland managed to shatter his with a jab from his fist. “Damn you! You’ll pay for this!”  He turned and ran back down the mountain, toward the cave where Nox and Loki were trapped.

Grimm rocketed after him, the wind howling in his wake.  Spires of rock thrust up out of the ground behind Roland, but the knight simply smashed them and kept going. He started to chant out an Air casting when a sharp pang in his chest brought him up short. He shook his head, and tried again, but this time it grew sharper.

Then he remembered the terms of Lucien’s enchantment – “if you get within 50 yards of my daughter, you will get a warning. Within thirty, you will change back into a hound. I will not let that sword you carry anywhere near her.”

Grimm growled. “No, not now!”  He put on a last burst of speed, reaching out to try and grab Roland…

…Then the change hit, and his angry, frustrated yell turned into a mournful howl as he hit the ground.

(to be continued!)

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This flashfic is part of an ongoing web serial, updated regularly as a part of #fridayflash on twitter.  If you are new to Nox and Grimm, you can Click Here to read from the beginning.


1. Mari Juniper - August 6, 2012

Damn you, Angie! I want more! 😛

techtigger - August 7, 2012

ask, and you shall receive! 😀 the next episode is live 🙂

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