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Book Review – Must Love Dragons April 20, 2011

Posted by techtigger in book review.

I’m a huge fan of Monica Marier’s  “Skeleton Crew” comic – it has vampire chimpanzees, how can I resist? 🙂  So when I heard she was publishing a book, I had to have it.  Remember the elves from the Dragonlance novels? You know, haughty, snotty, and generally too busy contemplating their navels to be of much use?  Now imagine them as teenagers.  That is what the hero, Linus Weedwhacker, has to deal with.

Linus works hard and pays his union dues to the ranger’s guild – it shouldn’t be too much to expect for him to work with professionals.  Unfortunately, his assignment is to babysit a bunch of young elves through their first adventure.  Instead of guts and glory, he’s dealing with teen-aged angst and hormones.  Oh yeah, and don’t forget the dragon. He has to keep everyone from getting eaten, too.

The thing I really loved about this book is that Linus is just so down-to-earth. You can believe the guy has a gaggle of kids underfoot back home, and seeing him wrangle a bunch of high elves the same way is a riot. I kept waiting for him to yell, “Don’t you make me turn this adventure around, young man!”  Monica did a wonderful job of skewering the fantasy genre, and if you’ve ever played Dungeons & Dragons, it’s even funnier.  (Kobolds. *snicker*)

You can buy Must Love Dragons as an ebook, or paperback from Lulu.com and Amazon, and check out Monica’s web comics at http://www.tangentartists.com



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