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Flash Fiction – Inner Demons March 11, 2011

Posted by techtigger in flash fiction.
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This flashfic is part of an ongoing web serial, updated every week as a part of #fridayflash on twitter.  If you are new to Nox and Grimm, you can Click Here to read from the beginning.

This story is the second half of last week’s episode, “Say My Name”

Nox was surrounded by the warriors of the mountain clan. She couldn’t blame the truthfinder for being suspicious of her after Grimm disappeared, but her friend was in trouble. “Move your men, or I’ll move them for you,” she said.

A few of the guards chuckled at that.  Their biceps were bigger around than her waist, and they were all armed to the teeth. Their leader was taking her seriously though, and motioned them to silence. “I need you to answer my questions first, Lady Ice. I am told that you control this ghost, and yet you let him leave. Why?”

She sighed.  “He’s not entirely dead, he’s…complicated. I can only help him control himself, if he’s in danger. Like now.”

He glanced at the sword in his hand. The ghost that resided within it had disappeared with Grimm, but the blade still glowed.  “I know what it is to be soul bound. He will not go far.”

“That’s what worries me,” Nox said. She could feel the slithering presence of the Shadowkin creeping in to attack Grimm.  Something about this man had set them loose.  Her expression turned hard. “This interview is over.”

Grimm always teased her about fighting dirty, but when you were her size you couldn’t afford to fight fair. She had started her attack back when they first surrounded her, and by now the frost castings woven into her dress had flowed quietly down to cover the floor with a slick layer of ice. Her aura shield flared in a wide circle of electric blue light, pushing the guards back away from her. Arms flailed and men slipped and fell like dominoes, knocking each other down as Nox took off like a shot.  She skated down the hall at top speed, laying down more ice as she went.

The truthfinder helped one of the guards to his feet. “Follow her, but do not interfere unless lives are at risk. Report back everything she does.”

“Yes sir!” the guard said. A metal casting put cleats on his boots, and he cautiously followed the retreating winter kin deeper into the mansion.

Nox came to a stop outside the solarium.  The room was already set up with refreshments for after the trial, including the pastry puffs she had ordered as a special treat for Grimm. She scooped up the whole platter of them and stood in the middle of the floor.

“Grimm, Grimm, GRIMM!”   The air warped with the strength of her summoning, and the hound appeared a few feet away.  His eyes burned a hellish red, and he immediately lunged at her, jaws gaping.

Nox did not move.  The hound came to a dead stop, his teeth a hairs breadth from the skin of her neck. She spoke in a conversational tone, the pastry tray still balanced expertly to one side. “I want to talk.  I have the payment for your summoning.”

A growl rumbled up from the depths of his chest, and she could see the muscles of his jaws working.  The spirits of the Shadowkin trapped within him would like nothing better than to make him rip her head off.  Grimm was fighting them though. He jerked his head back and turned to run out of the room.

“I haven’t dismissed you yet,” Nox said, and the iron will that had let her stare down Death himself forced the hound to turn around and face her.

He lashed out again with one of his claws, but jerked short before he could disembowel her.  Nox stepped forward until the claws pressed into her stomach, forcing the hound to hop back and withdraw the paw to avoid falling over.  He turned to run again, but she activated more of the enchantments woven into her dress, and a net of frost lifted up and flew outwards to encase the hound.  The ice stuck like glue to his furry coat, and the more he struggled, the more entangled he became.

Nox tackled him, her arms around his neck, and purposefully got herself tangled in the net with him.  The hound twisted about violently, whipping his head and limbs, and slashing with his teeth, but to no avail.  He could not break loose without hurting Nox, and every time he pulled up short more frost flowed out around them.

He convulsed in a last, herculean attempt to tear free, but all it did was yank on the strands that held Nox, and pull them face to muzzle.

She gave him a nasty smile.  “You can’t make Grimm hurt me, and I will not let you leave this room. You lose, Shadowkin.”

:: Your mother’s spells weaken you. These tricks are nothing. We will win in the end:: they hissed, using Grimm to speak.

“Don’t count on it.”

Nox did not let Grimm loose until the red faded from his eyes, and the gold in his aura won out over the oily black of the Shadowkin.  He sprawled out on the floor, and Nox sat with her back against his side. The room was in a shambles, but the platter of pastries had miraculously survived the struggle. She plucked one off the plate and flipped it to him.  “Payment, as promised,” she said.

“oohh, crème puffs!” Grimm said, and snapped it up gleefully.

Nox grinned and flipped him another. “So, what the Hel happened back there?”

“The ghost in the truthfinder’s blade was trying to make me state my name,” he said. “They would have had to answer as well.”

“Damn. They would have spilled every one of their names, right in front of me!”

“After what you did to them the last time, they were in a panic.”

The nasty smile returned to Nox’s face. “Hmm… if one spirit had them worried, what do you think the ghosts of all those Wind Knights could do?”

The hound laughed. “Oooh, you do fight dirty. I knew I liked you for a reason!”

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1. KatharinaFive - March 12, 2011

Nice job sis love the twists and turns.

techtigger - March 13, 2011

heh, thanks 🙂

2. mgideon - March 12, 2011

I find your world very entertaining and you write action very well. More!

techtigger - March 13, 2011

thank you! There will definately be more, got lots planned for this series 🙂

3. Mari Juniper - March 12, 2011

Ohh, I can see where this is going! (finally! :P)

Another great one, Angie. 🙂

techtigger - March 13, 2011

heheheh, i like to keep you guys guessing. More fun that way 🙂

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