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Mother’s Day Blog Tour May 5, 2010

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Welcome to the Twitter Chats Blog Tour, organized by Mari Juniper at Mari’s Randomities and Anne Tyler Lord at Don’t Fence Me In. Today’s theme is Mother’s Day.

You’ll be traveling with us through the blogs of some of the fantastic authors and writers who participate in our weekly — funny, entertaining and educating — Twitter chats. This tour will feature writers from #writechat, #litchat, and #fridayflash.

You will be directed to your next stop at the end of this post. Please feel welcome here, and have a happy Mother’s Day!

Serenna closed her eyes and let the seeking spell flow outwards from her.  The spell curled its way through the mansion that was her husband’s ancestral home like a pale, white mist.  Generations of ice elementals had lived there, each one adding to the rambling structure that covered the ancient bridge at its foundations.  And while the ever-changing floor plan served as a defense against spies from rival Houses, it also provided an endless number of places for one small, inquisitive five-year-old to hide.  Three hundred years the sorceress had lived, before deciding to have a child. Perhaps she had waited too long, but when life seems endless you seldom think about the passing years.

Serenna poured more power into the spell, while a nervous nanny stood at her elbow.  The girl wrung her hands and made worried noises that distracted Serenna just enough to make the spell dissolve before finding its target.  She reminded herself not to lose her temper with the girl – Nox was hard on her care-takers, and this nanny had lasted longer than most.  She gave the girl what she hoped was a non-threatening smile.  “The trail left off in the kitchens.  We will go talk to the head cook, and then proceed from there.”  The girl bobbed her head and mumbled ‘yes lady ambassador.’

The chef was in the midst of preparing dinner, his arms covered in flour.  “Yes milady, Nox was here for a while.  Had to shoo her out though, after she burned the cake to cinders.  No idea how she managed it, and I’ll be lucky to get its replacement done in time for the banquet. “

“Which way did she go after she left?” Serenna said.

“I suggested she go play in the garden, she always loves it there.”

Serenna thanked him, remembering again to hold her temper.   There was no way he could have known that the last time Nox was in the garden, she had climbed the tallest tree and tried to fly.  The child was fascinated by the old stories of the House of Winds, and had tried more than once to re-enact scenes from the tales.  The guards had managed to get there in time to keep gravity from doing its inevitable work, but only just.  The thought was enough to turn her irritation to fear.  Serenna hurried her steps, and called for the guards.

“Spread out, and search the mansion.  Brand, please check the weather scope.  Nox was trying to take it apart last week, she may have gone back for another try.”

The captain of the House Guard bowed, but not deeply enough to completely hide his smile.  “Yes ma’am, I’ll have my men comb the building.”

Nox had nearly everyone wrapped around her little pinky, even that horrid old ghost out in the graveyard.  She had made pets of every guardian around the mansion though, so it shouldn’t have been too surprising that the grim was no more immune than anyone else.  Several guards joined Serenna in searching the garden, but there was still no sign of her little girl.  The rest of the guards’ reports were the same, Nox was not in the mansion.

Just as panic began to set in, Serenna heard a deep, rumbling voice in the back of her mind.  “Lady Ambassador, I believe I have found something you lost.”

The grim was a huge, shaggy, soot-grey hound that haunted the old graveyard in the hills just beyond the mansion.  At six feet tall he towered over Serenna, but she refused to ever let him see that she was intimidated by him. Today, he looked amused rather than forbidding as he paced through the halls.  Nox was perched on his back, her tiny legs sticking straight out sideways and her arms were full of yellow flowers.  Her hair was a wind-blown mess, like a black dandelion puff, and there were grass stains all over the knees of her pants.  She bounced up and down, giggling.  “Mommy, mommy!  Look I what I got for you!” She tossed a leg over the grim’s neck and slid down his side.  “Aren’t they pretty?  They match your hair mommy!”

Serenna let out a relieved sigh.   “I have told you time and again, daughter, you are not to go outside on your own!”

Nox replied with her usual breathless chatter.  “But I wanted to make you something so I went to the kitchen, but the cake went boom and then I went to make a picture, but the guard said I couldn’t draw on the wall and then I went to get flowers but you said not to go in the garden and I remembered the flowers where Grimmy lives and I went to get you some. “  She held up the bunch proudly.   “Happy mother’s day, Mom!”

Serenna felt a little lump form her throat, she had completely forgotten what day it was.  She knelt down and tried to smooth Nox’s hair. “You know that I love you?”  she said.

Nox grinned and said, “Love you too, mommy!”   Serenna hugged her daughter tightly, despite her squirming protest.  “Mom!”  Nox said, drawing the word out into a multi-syllable complaint.  “You’re squooshin’ the flowers.”

Serenna let her go.  “We can put them in some water, I am sure they will be fine.”

“Ohhhkaaaay.  Can I go play with Grimmy tomorrow too?”

The grim chuckled.  “If she sneaks out again, I’ll keep an eye on her.”

Serenna pursed her lips, worry clear on her face.  “You will keep her safe?”

“Always,” the hound said, and bowed before disappearing.

“H’ray!”  Nox tugged at her hand.  “C’mon mom let’s get some water and a really big vase and we can put it in your room and you can see them every morning when you wake up and they’ll be pretty and make you smile…”

Serenna did smile.  It seemed she was wrapped around her little girl’s pinky too.

Thanks for stopping by! Your next stop for the Mother’s Day Twitter Chats Blog Tour is Donna Carrick of Donna’s Blog.

The complete list of participants can be found at the host’s blogs: Mari Juniper and Anne Tyler Lord.



1. lauraeno - May 5, 2010

You’ve shown us a different side of Serenna and a wonderful glimpse of Nox as a small girl. 🙂 She would have been a handful!
Happy Mother’s Day!

techtigger - May 6, 2010

*lol* Yes, before Nox got into Technomancy, she got into *everything* else 🙂

2. karenfrommentor - May 6, 2010

” but the cake went boom ” made me laugh out loud.
Lovely tale.
Karen :0)

techtigger - May 6, 2010

*heh* I was thinking of some of my own childhood cooking escapades when I wrote that – never had anything go boom, but I did set something on fire 😉

3. Jemi Fraser - May 6, 2010

Awesome characters!! Love the imagery. I know so much about these characters in so few lines. Terrific writing 🙂

techtigger - May 6, 2010

thank you! I’ve spent so much time with these characters now, I feel like I know them like old freinds 🙂 Glad you liked the story!

4. techtigger - May 6, 2010

thank you! Now you know where Nox gets her temper from *lol*

5. Cynthia Schuerr - May 6, 2010

“You’re squooshin’ the flowers.” So cute! I enjoyed this very much. And I loved the video tribute on How Did You Get There. Both very awesome! I couldn’t find a place to comment over there.

Happy Mother’s Day!

techtigger - May 7, 2010

I passed along the comment to Kristi of How did you get there 🙂

I’m glad you enjoyed the story!

6. Donna Carrick - May 6, 2010

Excellent on 2 points, Angie: A wonderful insight and character development for Nox’s usually too-stern mother and a great tribute to the unexpressed but always present worry we mothers endure.
Well done!

techtigger - May 7, 2010

thank you! Serenna is a tough cookie, but she’s still a mom. That’s something I don’t think ever changes, in fiction or real life 🙂

7. Deanna Schrayer - May 6, 2010

I believe this is my favorite Nox and Grimm story. Beautiful work, especially with the child’s voice. Just wonderful!

techtigger - May 7, 2010

aww, thank you! I had fun writing a ‘baby Nox’ story over the holidays, and it was just as fun this time around 🙂 I’m glad you liked it too!

8. HowDidYouGetThere - May 6, 2010

Adorable – I’m all about spells, and haunting hounds and squishy flowers!! Will look into more of these Penny Dreadfuls, what a fun idea.

techtigger - May 7, 2010

there’s lots of stories with spells and ghost hounds to be had here – though the only other one with baby Nox is called First Snow (see the flash fiction tab). I’m a big fan of Penny Dreadfuls, of any sort. Pulp adventure, woohoo! 😀

9. Marisa Birns - May 6, 2010

So loved reading this! Little Nox being all adorable and Grimmy…I mean Grim…devoted to her as he always will be.

Great job! This blog tour was fun. 🙂

techtigger - May 7, 2010

heehee – had to have a cameo by Grimm!

this tour is a blast, I hope our illustrious hosts will do another one!

10. Tony Noland - May 6, 2010

Ha! This was a great picture of a *very* precocious child!

techtigger - May 7, 2010

heh, precocious doesn’t even cover it! *grinz* fortunately for my real mom (who is a sweetheart!) I was a much less ‘inquisitive’ child 🙂

11. Anne Tyler Lord - May 6, 2010

Angie, this is one of your masterpieces. I enjoyed it so much. The character development is so excellent, it always is.

Thanks for bringing your characters to our tour!

techtigger - May 7, 2010

thanks so much for hosting the tour! This is my first time doing one of these, and it’s been a great experience! Very honored to have been asked to take part 🙂

12. asthemoonclimbs - May 7, 2010

That was adorable. Perfect tale for the occasion.

techtigger - May 7, 2010

thank you! even fictional characters have a mom, was fun to write from her perspective

13. Jen Brubacher - May 7, 2010

Beautiful combination of the mystical with the very real situation of mother and daughter.

14. Gracie - May 7, 2010

I just loved this. The energy of a 5-year-old with all that magic blowing around… whew.

And I love that Grim is there to keep an eye on things.


15. Sam - May 8, 2010

Awesome! I absolutely adore this glimpse into Nox’s backstory. I suspect I will never think of Grimmy in quite the same way again. 😉

16. Susan Helene Gottfried - May 8, 2010

Just coming into this story, I get what’s going on — and want to know more about this world. It’s very fully realized. Lots of nice lines in here — and very very real-life mother-daughter stuff, as well.

I’ll definitely have to come back to read more of this.

17. PJ Kaiser - May 10, 2010

Adorable story – I especially love the snappy dialogue. I ask my kids every day “do you know I love you?” and if they are the least bit hesitant (and even if they’re not) I know it’s time for more hugs and kisses! 😉

18. ganymeder - May 10, 2010

Wonderful way to tie in the series to Mother’s Day. Loved it.

19. litchat - June 6, 2010

What a lovely taste of your writing, Angie. Enjoyed the Grim (Grimmy) and how well you revealed the anxiety of a mother with power at her fingertips. Superb dialog and vivid, well-developed characters.

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