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Flash Fiction – Crossed Swords February 19, 2010

Posted by techtigger in flash fiction.
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This story is part of a weekly series, updated every friday. Click Here to read from the beginning.  

Loki could feel the fire singing in his veins like pure adrenaline.  He was looking forward to giving Roald a long overdue thrashing.  The earth elemental couldn’t refuse to fight this time, the men with him were the elite guard of the fire elementals, drawn from the oldest noble families. If Roald dishonored himself by refusing to duel, they would never take an order from him again.  The thought put a smile on Loki’s face.  “I warned you what would happen if I caught you mistreating a lady.” he said.

Roald reached down and sunk his hand into the ground.  With a powerful jerk he ripped a crude sword out of the bedrock. Stone continued to flow up over his skin, making him look like a living statue.  “Talk is cheap, Loki.”  He swung the broadsword over his head, and a line of rocks erupted from the ground to mark out an area to fight in. 

Loki waved his hand around in a lazy circle that ended in a one-finger salute, and the rocks slumped into a ring of magma.  He gave Roalds’ stone broadsword an amused look, and the edge turned cherry red.

Roald took a swing with the 5 foot blade. “Remember the rules, fireborn.”  

“It was just a show of skill and will, dirtborn, and swords are a fair target.” Loki’s fiery saber screeched down the edge of the broadsword, peeling off a sliver of rock.  He raised an eyebrow as the guards of their blades slammed together.  “Having trouble with your earthcasting?”

Roald gritted his teeth and shoved Loki back.  He followed up with a rain of hammer-like blows, but the fire elemental just deflected them away and retreated smoothly across the ring.  Roald pressed forward, drawing up energy from the earth to add weight to his blows.  He knew he only needed one solid hit to crush Loki like a cheap tin can. 

Roald aimed a two-handed swing at his head, trying to force him out of the circle and into a forfeit.  Loki ducked under the blade, side-stepped and rolled around behind his opponent.  The saber slashed Roald’s shoulder and cut a deep line across his back. Chips of stone sprayed outwards and clattered on the ground before turning back into flesh and blood. 

Roald staggered, but managed to stay inside the circle.  By the time he got turned around Loki was standing dead center in the ring, saber at the ready. 

“First blood is mine.  You can crawl away now without looking too cowardly.” Loki said.

Roald just roared and charged at him like a raging bull.

Loki had to retreat again to avoid getting bowled over.  Roald was putting so much energy into his swings that he was pushing right through Loki’s parries.  Loki winced as he got clipped by a thrust that he hadn’t quite managed to turn aside.  He felt a sharp pain on his hip, and molten glass spattered the ground before staining it red. 

Roald locked blades with him again.  “You may have gotten the first hit, but last blood is the only thing that counts!” he gloated.

Loki slipped his saber loose and smashed Roald in the mouth with the bellguard.  “It’s not over yet!”  He shoved Roald back to buy time to see if his leg would hold his weight.  It hurt like Hel, but he could still move.  Roald wasn’t doing much better, the cut on his back had been pulling his lunges up short. He would have to fight in close to score a hit. 

Loki got a predatory smile on his face. He stalked around the circle, forcing Roald to keep turning with him.  Every time the earth elemental started to attack, Loki would close in with a furious attack of his own, forcing him back on his heels. Then he would slip back out of range.   

He was just moving in again when he felt the ground grab his ankle and cause him to stumble.  He didn’t fight it though, instead he threw himself into it and turned the fall into a knee slide. The vicious cut Roald had aimed at him whistled over his head.

Roald swung his broadsword around again, meaning to take off Loki’s head before he could get to his feet.  He gave a triumphant yell as he put all of his energy into what he knew would be a crushing blow.

Loki just smiled and whipped the saber upwards.  The broadsword smashed into it . . . and stopped dead in its tracks.

The reverberations nearly knocked the sword out of Roald’s hand.  “No. That’s not possible!”

“Did I forget to mention I’m from House Vulcan?” Loki said.  He drew in energy from the molten rock in the earth’s core, and strength from both earth and fire flooded through him. His saber turned into polished obsidian with a sullen red glow at its heart.  He surged up to his feet, sending Roald stumbling backwards.

Roald barely managed to block Loki’s attack, but the force of the impact brought him to his knees.  The next hit shattered his broadsword and broke his hand.  He felt a searing pain as the saber rested against his throat. 


“To You? Never!” Roald gasped.  He reached into the ground and pulled out a jagged chuck of rock, and launched himself in a last, desperate lunge.

Loki cut off Roald’s hand at the wrist, and then ran the saber straight through his heart.   The earth shook as Roald fell to the ground and all the energy he had been channeling released at once.   

Loki let his own energies drain out more slowly, and turned to find Nox.  She was already running out meet to him.  He kept telling himself not to fall for her, that it would be like trying to catch the north wind.  But then she gave him the victors’ kiss, and it lingered a bit longer than tradition demanded.

What the Hel.  He had always loved a challenge.

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1. Laura Eno - February 19, 2010

Great sword fight! Will Loki be up to the task of catching the north wind?

2. Mariana N. Blaser - February 19, 2010

Fantastic fight scene! And the kiss? Wow. 🙂

3. Anne Tyler Lord - February 20, 2010

I love a great fight before breakfast! Love the action!

“and it lingered a bit longer than tradition demanded.” Oh my, very sexy kiss.

4. Nishida - February 20, 2010

ROALD GOT OWNED!! Woot! Loki’s ‘tha’ man! Excellent finish to a kick-ass fight and an even better end to the story! 🙂

5. Walt - August 20, 2010

Great battle scene

6. Xanto - September 3, 2010

That was awesome!

7. Peter Newman - October 13, 2011

It’s nice to get to know more about your Loki. I’ve got a thing for Loki’s myself and yours is no exception!

I enjoyed the fight, reminds me of Avatar, which can only be a good thing.

techtigger - October 14, 2011

Loki shows up more and more as the series goes on, so you’ll have plenty of stories with him to read.

thanks for the comment, it’s always appreciated! 🙂

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