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Flash Fiction – Smash and Grab November 27, 2009

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This story is part of a weekly series, updated every friday. Click Here to read from the beginning.

Grimm ducked as Nox threw another thug down the alley.   

“I worked on that dimensional clock for a month.” She snarled.  “A whole MONTH!”  (gaaahhh!  wham!)

The hound was enjoying the show.  It wasn’t often that he got to sit back and let someone else handle the mayhem.  “To your left.”  he said helpfully, his tongue lolling out in a big doggy grin.  A wave of Nox’s hand sent the thug bouncing down the alley after his cohorts.

Energy crackled around her gloves as she picked up a man twice her size by the throat and slammed him against a wall.  “You remind your buddies back at New Dawn that I am Serenna’s daughter.”  She made a twisting motion with her free hand, and every one of their auras ignited, connected by a web of energy.  “I have your auras tagged.  Anywhere you go, I can find you.  Anyone you’ve touched, I can burn out.  Tell the Morning Lord that I am through playing his games.”  She tossed him out of the alley after the other would-be assassins. The lot of them scrambled to their feet and ran away.

Grimm shook his head, whurfs of canine laughter echoing around the alley.  “You know, as  fun as that was to watch, you should probably just hex them back to the stone age and be done with.”

Nox threw an arm around his neck and whispered.  “I can’t.”  She held up her hand. “Take a closer look.” 

He squinted at the glove, and then started to laugh again.  “Circuitry.  You were using magnetic fields to toss them around.”

“Bingo! Only full humans like mother can do real sorcery.  I can manage to link up magnetic fields and ley lines to electronics, but not much else.”

“So the whole thing was a bluff? Remind me never to play poker with you.”

 “Good call! “  She bent down to pick up the remains of the clock.  “I wonder why they went for this first, instead of going for a kill shot?”

Grimm tilted his head to the side.  “I’m sure they know by now how good your aura shield is.  They might have been trying to break your concentration.”

“I don’t’ know, they acted like a bunch of amateurs.  I suppose it could have been a distraction…or was it a delaying tactic?”  She looked up at him, fear shooting through her like lightning. “Loki!  If they think we’re dating, they may try to take him hostage!”

Grimm didn’t waste time answering.  He changed shape from a hound into a massive, dog-faced gargoyle.   Nox dove onto his back and flung a tendril of her aura around his neck to help her hang on.   “Go, go!”

He barreled down the alley and out onto the busy street.  The usual daytime crowd milled about; workers going to lunch, bored young nobles out to spend their inheritance, merchants hawking wares from carts.  Grimm somehow managed to avoid running into anyone, although a few lamp posts got dented for his efforts.   

Nox peered ahead.  The crowd was moving back from a ring of men dressed in drab robes .  Loki stood in their midst, a lazy smile on his face.  “And what if I don’t care to go with you gentlemen?” he said.

Half of the assassins pivoted to face outwards.  “Then everyone on this street dies.” hissed their leader.  

“Oh, well, we can’t have that.”  Loki flicked his hand, and a wall of flames leapt up around the assassins.   “It’s just you and me now, gentleman.”  he said, the smile turning fierce.  A saber made out of flames appeared in one hand, a fiery chain in the other.  

The crowd surged away from the circle of flames in a panic, slowing Grimm down.  “Hang on,” he growled.  A single leap took him over their heads to land with an earth-shaking thud just outside the firewall.   Nox yelled in his ear.  “Shield Loki!”  She rolled off his back and bounded to her feet.  Grimm dug in his claws and dove through the flames, trampling several assassins on his way through.   He set up a howl when he reached Loki’s side, his sonic shield surrounding them both.  Nox muttered under her breath as if casting a spell, flung out her hands and energy surged from her gloves, covering the whole area in a shimmering dome of light.  

Inside the dome the fight raged on.  Loki and Grimm were outnumbered twenty to two.  It wasn’t even close to a fair fight.  The assassins’ blades bounced off of Grimm, and every time someone came within reach his granite claws he made short work of them.  Loki wrecked havoc with each deceptively casual flick of his saber, his chain whipping out to tangle their legs and pull them within range of Grimm’s claws. 

The leader of the assassins snapped out an order and the last men standing fell back.  He threw something at the ground, and a portal opened beneath each of them, alive or dead, dropping them all out of sight.  The portals closed as quickly as they had opened.

“Damn, nothing left here to ID them with, the clever bastards.” Loki said. 

Grimm sniffed at the ground where one of the portals had closed.  “Stay back.  The set spells are fading, but if you step on one you’ll still drop through.”

“Right into their welcoming arms, no doubt.”   Loki said.  He looked around the now empty street.  “Where’s Nox?”

“Holding the energy shield around us.”

“No, she’s not.”  Loki pointed to a pair of gloves lying along the edge of the flickering shield, sparks coming off of them.   The faint outline of a portal hole was right next to them.   

Grimm sniffed at the portal, then growled a curse.  “They’ve got her, but she’s still alive.  I’d know if she wasn’t.” 

Loki gripped his saber and stepped up to the portal next to Grimm. “Age before beauty.” he quipped.  They both dove in at the same time.

(to be continued…)

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1. Marisa Birns - November 27, 2009

Better and better!

Really love this series.

Last sentences are wonderful. Hehe

2. Deb - November 28, 2009

This is the first piece I’ve read from your series but I like it!

techtigger - November 28, 2009

welcome aboard, hope you enjoy the ride! *grinz*

3. Laura Eno - November 28, 2009

Oh no! You have my toes curling. I have to wait a whole week for more? *wailing*

4. CafeNirvana - November 28, 2009

I concur with Laura Eno **wail** . Love the ending, love the action. Stop teasing us please, just write the whole book and give it to us already 🙂 I mean it. [P.S. check your DMs.]
I like it that although Loki says Age before Beauty, he dives in together with Grimm. nice touch. Shows he’s not fooling around 🙂

techtigger - November 28, 2009

*lol* can only fit so much into 1000 word flash fic 😉

5. mazzz_in_Leeds - November 28, 2009

Nooooo, not a cliffhanger!!
Looking forward to next week’s installment already 🙂

6. Skycycler - November 28, 2009

My first read of this series, too. I like it! There’s a very inventive mind behind this. I’m looking forward to next week.

7. Laurita - November 30, 2009

Great action! These are so much fun to read.

8. Walt - August 4, 2010

Sounds like Loki can hold his own in a fight. Lots of action.

9. Xanto - September 2, 2010

This was a great episode! They keep getting better and better!

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